Here’s what to expect when you visit our bridal shop…


Putting you at ease

The day you’ve been anticipating has finally arrived. You may feel a few nerves, but walk through the door of Number Eighteen and you’ll be immediately greeted by our bubbly team who will put you at ease.

We’ll have a relaxed chat to find out more about you, your wedding, your dream dress, and how we can help you sparkle on your special day. The girls will offer you and your guests refreshments, a cafetière, or some water – and then the fun really begins.


Finding the perfect dresses

We’ll take you to the main showroom and walk you through our different designers, colours, styles, lengths, and prices. We understand how overwhelming this experience can be, so we assure our brides-to-be that they can try on as many as their hearts desire.

No bride should ever feel rushed or pressured. So, we spend time to figure out which styles will be most suited for you.


Try them on!

Without a doubt the most exciting part. To give you the best feel for each dress, we can pin them or add a back panel so they appear as they would fitted – an exclusive part of our in-store experience.

Step up onto our podium and view each dress in our large crystal mirror. You’ll do a few twirls and dazzle your guests. It’s wise to bring tissues for this part for your family and friends. If Randy Fenoli were in your fitting he would exclaim ”Are you saying yes to the dress?!”, and you would reply excitedly… ‘’Yes!”.


The perfect fitting

So, you’ve found the one (hoorah!). We then discuss how it can be tailored to perfectly fit you and order it in the store. We’ll then contact you with an estimated time of arrival. The girls check it, steam it, and give you the call. You then have a whole 7 days to make the full payment for the dress.

Our seamstress does a quote for the alterations, pins it, and then books in a date for a second fitting around 5 weeks before. You will only pay when you’re happy with the alterations. We then invite you for a re-try to double check it’s still the perfect fit.

Alta has 26 years of bridal experience behind her, so you can be confident and relaxed in knowing that your dress is in the safest hands.

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