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Wedding table decorations with that ‘wow’ factor

You’ve chosen your wedding guests, your cake… Now it’s time to plan your wedding reception decor. It’s an exciting stage of the planning process – one where you can show your creative flair and personality.

If you have a theme, this is the part of the wedding that you can really have fun with. Although you certainly don’t need a theme to have table decorations that will make your guests walk in and say ‘wow’.

Struggling and need just a little push? Well don’t worry, we’ve got some inspiration prepared for all you busy brides-to-be.

The main centrepiece

You may feel overwhelmed with the prospect of choosing the star of your table. There are so many different options you could go for – and you can go as bold or understated as you want. Here’s a few ideas of what you could place in the middle:

● Wedding flowers

Flowers add a beautiful elegance to any table. Brides often opt for the same flowers they used in their bouquet – peonies, roses, sunflowers, hydrangeas or lily of the valley. You could even tie a single flower, or a small bouquet, and place them in front of every guest’s table setting. Extra cute.

Small bouquets of mismatched flowers spread along the centre of a table are perfect for a bohemian-style wedding. Or for a more neutral, classic look, put a wash of white flowers over all the tables.

wedding flowers

● Wood tree slices

Bring the outdoors indoors with a few wood tree slices. They’re the perfect addition for weddings with a rustic and shabby chic theme. Layer the wood slices in the middle of the table and top with a few flowers or candles. It’s a way to make your table look effortlessly amazing.

It’s an idea which we guarantee your own guests will take inspiration from.

● Jars of sweets

A tasty variation of the normal centrepiece. Jars of sugary joy both look good and are a tasty snack for all your sweet-toothed guests. Fill them with marshmallows, chocolate buttons, or even sherbert, and watch your guests look at the table with wide eyes.

jar of sweets

Tables names, numbers and place cards

There are a few ways you can spice up this written part of your table decor. We suggest taking a look at Pinterest for some ideas.

If you’re having a summer wedding, you can add floral illustrations, and even spray them with a floral scent. Or if you have a beach theme, your table numbers could be mounted on little beach houses. You could paint the guests’ names on pebbles. The possibilities are endless.

Bird cages and lanterns

Want to add a quirky touch to your wedding? Bird cages and lanterns will bring your decor a different look. You can use them to hold cards, or fill them with flowers, candles, or even cake.

If your reception is held in the evening, the lanterns will add a beautiful ambience to the day.


Candles add a romantic touch to the table. Whether your theme is vintage or glamorous, you can choose a candle holder to add to the theme. For example, if you’re wearing a Randy Fenoli wedding dress, and want the glamour to continue through the reception, sparkly rose gold holders will complete the look. Alternatively, if you want something a little more understated, tea lights would add simple elegance.

There are hundreds of different scented smelling candles – so why not pick your favourite ever scent to add a personal touch?

Note: It’s important to be careful with the open flames and keep them away from anything that may catch alight. Especially that dress! It’s always fun to have an anecdote from a wedding, but not that one.

candle on table


Sprinkle confetti over the table over the table to add something a bit special, and make your plain white table cloths much more jazzy. You can get the normal confetti, shop bought, or order in something a little different – like heart confetti made from bark.

Wedding favours

Wedding favours are gifts to your wedding guests to show appreciation from the bride and groom for their friends and family celebrating their special day. They’re usually placed where each guest is sitting for them to see on arrival.

As part of the decor, they need careful thought. Here’s a few ideas of wedding favours which we’re sure they’ll appreciate:

● Mini bottles of gin (or whatever your/their favourite alcoholic beverage is)
● Chocolate eggs – mini eggs are great for Easter
● Packets of popcorn
● Tea sachets
● Fun flavoured lip balm
● Doughnuts
● Personalised jam
● Hangover kit (will be very appreciated the next day)

wedding favours


If you’re also looking for a wedding dress with that wow factor, book an appointment with our friendly team today.

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