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What to wear to a spring wedding

Spring has well and truly sprung! The promise of longer, balmy days and the whispers of summer are in the air. Spring not only means bleating lambs and flowers beginning to bloom, but of course it’s also when the wedding season truly begins.

If you’re someone lucky enough to be invited to a springtime wedding, you’ll no doubt be wondering what to wear. Spring is a tricky season to dress for and has its own unique obstacles to overcome. This is why we’ve done the hard bit for you and come up with tips and tricks for looking great no matter the weather!

And if you’re a popular person with lots of loved up pals, decide what to wear to weddings later in the year with our guide to winter wedding outfits as well.

How formal is the occasion?

The first thing to help narrow down your perfect outfit is to find out how formal the big day is likely to be. The happy couple may have made it easy for you by providing a dress code on the invitation – or you may have to glean clues from the venue, time or theme of the nuptials.

For example, if it’s a rustic garden party kind of vibe, you’ll know you won’t have to dawn your floor length evening gown. You can have a relaxed look without it feeling too sloppy; think about trying a knee length cotton or linen shift dress.

If it’s an evening wedding in a high class hotel, you’ll know you can pull out all the stops and buy something with the wow factor. Try an elegant silhouette in a floor length dress or look for an outfit with intricate beading that’s bound to bedazzle.

Choosing the perfect hue

Now you’ve figured out what sort of event you’re going to, you can narrow down your choices. Springtime weddings are perfect for bright colours like yellows and greens. Other dazzling hues to consider are purples and pinks – why not try on something you wouldn’t normally and see how it feels? You might be surprised!

Fabulous fabrics

Perhaps one of the hardest things to think about when choosing an outfit for a spring wedding is the material. You want something that’s going to be comfortable enough to wear all day in unpredictable weather, but that doesn’t look too casual. Chiffon is always a good idea, as it’s light and breezy but looks more elegant than its cotton sister, and silk and satin are also good options to think about.

Layer it on

Don’t get caught out by the fickle spring weather when you’re planning your outfit – and one way to do this is so make sure you have layers. If you’re wearing a strappy dress but end up being cold, adding a chic bolero or shawl is an easy way to make sure you’re not shivering your way through the big day! Layers are also important when it comes to being respectful – if you’re in a place of worship for the ceremony you may need to have your shoulders covered.

Another way to beat the unexpected British weather is to pop a pair of flesh-coloured tights in your bag, as they roll up small and can be invaluable if your pins start to feel the cold as the evening sets in.

Try a two piece

Don’t think that just because you’re going to a wedding that you have to wear a dress – why not consider opting for a suit? Whether high street or high end you’ll certainly be able to find sophisticated suits for female figures – and if you’re feeling bold you could wear one in a colour that pops!

Sky high heels or chic flats?

Ah, the eternal question: what shoes should I wear? Weddings are a tough call for even the savviest shoe shoppers as you need something you can wear all day. If you’ve got a bag big enough or somewhere to stash your stuff – you could bring along a pair of fabulous flats for when the day has been too much for your little toes.

If you’re not into heels there are plenty of stylish flats on the market, everything from pumps to brogues, sandals to loafers. Of course if the big day is likely to be full of uneven surfaces – like cobblestones and soft grass – you may even be wiser to shelve the stilettos!

We hope these handy hints have given you the guidance to find a sassy and stylish outfit for the next springtime wedding you attend. Just be sure to choose one that makes you feel confident – the most important thing is that you feel like you.

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