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Wedding invitation etiquette (what to do)

Weddings are events that steeped in tradition. Speeches, wedding breakfasts and first dances are all factors you’ll want to think about for your special day. But, before you get too far ahead, you’ll need to think about who exactly you want to share your wedding day with.

Knowing who you want to invite can be really stressful and might take hours of strategic planning. On top of this you’ll need to charter the unknown territory of wedding invitation etiquette. What do you need to include? How are you ‘supposed’ to say it? When are you supposed to send them? Thankfully, like most wedding traditions, the answers to these questions are simply ‘it’s up to you’.

Of course, there are some details you’ll want to keep in mind, here’s some advice on what you’ll want to consider:

What to say

Before you decide anything for your wedding invitations, you need to make sure you put in all the key information. It might sound obvious but it’s quite easy to miss out something vital. Here’s a checklist of all the obvious things you’ll need to put in:

  • Who’s hosting the wedding
  • The request of your guests presence at the wedding
  • You and your partners names
  • The location of the wedding
  • The date and time
  • Reception information
  • RSVP details inc. dietary requirements of guests
  • Any transport information or a link to your wedding website

You might also want to include a dress code if you have one and information on wedding gifts.

How to say it

Once you’ve pinned down what you’ll need to say, you’ll want to think about how exactly you want to say it. Put you pen to paper and try out different tones. Your vision for your wedding day, will likely dictate how exactly you want to state all that vital information. If you want a formal and elegant day you’ll want to choose language that resembles that. Equally, if your wedding is going to have a casual, country feel then you might want to choose language with that kind of tone. Will you choose your full names or the names people know you by, for example using Tim instead of Timothy? Will you want to list your parents as your wedding hosts or yourselves? These are all decisions that you’ll want to think about before committing to your invite style.

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Getting the look right

Just like choosing the right language, choosing the right style will depend on your vision for your special day. Remember, for so many of your guests this will be their first impression of what sort of day they can expect. Kraft paper, hessian and natural tones will all suit a country style wedding, whereas glitter, silk bows and embossed lettering suggest a more glamorous event. You might even want to consider a wedding e-invite. E-invites are sent to your guests via email and come with a long list of positives. They allow you to keep an automatic digital registry of guests who have RSVP’d and usually come at a much lower cost to a physical invite. Not forgetting that e-invites also come as a great ‘green’ option to save on wedding waste.

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When to send them

Assuming you have sent your ‘Save the Date’ wedding card well in advance (especially if you’re wedding is abroad) you’ll want to send out your wedding invites a few months ahead of the grand event. Most couples choose to send their invites roughly 2 or 3 months before the wedding date allowing guests up to four weeks to RSVP. Before you choose to send them out, discuss with your wedding venue when they need final figures of attending guests confirming. It’s polite to give your guests plenty time to send back their RSVP, so work back at least 5 weeks from the date your wedding venue gives you – 4 weeks for guests to RSVP and 1 week for you to finalise numbers. After the invites have been with your guests for 3 weeks you’ll want to send out those texts and phone calls to anyone who may have forgotten to respond. Don’t forget to keep a spreadsheet of who’s coming and update it as you go along.

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