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How to choose the right bridal accessories for your wedding day

Bridal accessories can add that final touch of glamour and fabulous to your wedding look if done right. But there’s a wide variety of different types of bridal accessories out there – so how’s a girl supposed to know what they need?

Why do I need bridal accessories?

You may wonder if accessories are really that important when the wedding dress, and bride, are the main attractions. They can really add another dimension to your outfit. The accessories may also be the thing that pulls your whole wedding theme together. Sometimes, it really is about the little details.

Some accessories, like the veil, come from tradition. But you shouldn’t feel like you need to have any of them on your day because everyone else does.

bride with veil

Let’s walk you through some of the options…

Combing through your favourite hair accessories

It’s not essential to have decided your hairstyle prior to choosing your hair accessories, as often choosing your design can help guide you with your hair styling.

  • Hair vines

The accessory which is classic, laid back, and perfect for a bride who wants to radiate boho vibes on her special day. Whether your hair is twisted into a low bun or flows easily over your shoulders – the hair vine is going to look effortlessly beautiful.

If you’re not sure where to begin looking for a classy vine, take a look at Jupon’s delicately made ivory pearl, flower and crystal hair vine.

  • Hair pins

If you want a simple, understated but classic look, then a few delicate hair pins will give you the look you desire on your wedding day. These could be glitzy for a touch of glamour, or pearls to match a more traditional dress. Your hairdresser can have fun with the hairpins, popping the in different places to see where they best match.

bride with hair pins

  • Veils

Veils are timeless and a classic addition to any wedding day. They tend to change depending on what’s fashionable . Princess Diana’s mammoth veil set the trend for a whole generation of brides, many pairing cathedral-style veil with their dress. The boho vibe of the 60s saw the popularity of the birdcage veil. Today, the modern bridal look is less defined, but emphasises on sheer fabrics and detailed edges.

The designers of today are always designing veils which stay bang on trend – like the Brandi veil by Randy Fenoli.

  • Tiara

The ultimate accessory made for a princess, especially one with a ball-gown wedding dress. If you have a dress like Randy Fenoli’s ‘Brandi’ dress, a tiara would definitely give you that princess vibe.

Don’t worry – you can be a glamorous bride without a veil too.

Slipping on your wedding shoes

Are you a high-heel fanatic, or prefer your feet to both be firmly on the floor?

Whichever you are, you’re going to need to make sure you bring your shoes along with you to your first dress fitting, as the hem may need to be altered. Remember to think about comfort, style and the type of venue your wedding is in. If you’re having a beach wedding (dreamy) then it’s probably a good idea to keep away from the 6-inch heels.

bride holding shoes

Wearing bridal jewelry

Think about the neckline of your wedding dress before choosing a necklace. If it’s strapless, a necklace could make the look. If it’s detailed, it may be too much adding extra bling. Of course, your engagement ring will be worn on your special day, and your wedding band which will solidify you as a ‘Mrs’!

Adding glamorous straps

For the bride who loves accessories, the straps will provide the ultimate addition to a dress or corset. If you love a bit of extra sparkle, the beautiful embellished Keane straps by Watters are simple to attach but leave a lasting impression.

dress with straps

Jazz up your dress with a sash

To accentuate your waist, or if your dress is a simple design, you could wrap a sash around your middle. These could feature crystals and other embellishment, and look like part of the dress itself.

Peeping at the undergarments you need

After choosing your dream wedding dress, you’ll need to find something to slip on underneath it. Some dresses need a particular style of underwear in order to look right with your glamorous gown. These may be a strapless bra or seamless underwear which magically won’t show in any wedding-day pictures.

Top tips for picking your bridal accessories

  • Stay true to your own personality and style. Don’t let anyone try and convince you that you must have something because it’s in fashion or needs to go with the dress
  • Pick something that you feel your most beautiful in
  • Don’t go OTT with accessories and detract from your gorgeous designer dress
  • Consider your venue as some options may not be suitable



Are you on the hunt for the best accessories for your wedding dress? Or maybe you’re yet to find the perfect gown? Either way, book an appointment today. Our friendly team would love to help you find the one.


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