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Creating the perfect wedding gift list

There are so many great things about your big day – including getting some wonderful gifts to help set you up for married life.

But how do you come up with the perfect wedding gift list? Well we have a few ideas which will hopefully help and inspire you!

First of all, think of what’s most important to you

If you’re not already set on what you want from your gift list, have a good sit-down with your fiancé and work out what it is that you really want or need. Maybe make a thing of it with a bottle of bubbly. And if you need any ideas about other parts of your wedding, have a look at our blog featuring unique save the date ideas and how to choose the perfect caterer.

Also, it’s a good idea to speak to a friend or family member who’s been married recently. This way, you can gather some top tips from someone who has it fresh in their mind!

You’ve probably already noticed that what people suggest on their wedding gift lists has been evolving over time. As many partners live together before they get married, couples often find they have everything they need in terms of useful items around the house.

If this applies to you, you might consider a different tack. Could your guests instead make a contribution towards your honeymoon, or possibly a project such as work done on the house, or a new kitchen? There are several advantages to this. One is that you don’t have to make a large list (although we understand that some people are big list fans), and another is that your guests won’t be bamboozled by choice.

If you decide that, actually, you could do with a nice selection of new things around the house, then that’s fine too. Kitchenware, for instance, is one of the most common types of item requested on gift lists. If you’ve always wanted a nice KitchenAid or Magimix food processor, but never felt like you can justify it, now’s your chance!

Pick your favourite store

Once you’ve got the beginnings of an action plan, it’s time to choose a store. Whether it’s John Lewis, Amazon or IKEA, it’s a good idea to pick one that you’d like to get most – if not all – of your gifts from. Of course, it is possible to mix and match, but you’re likely to find it more manageable keeping it to one vendor.

Also, you’ll make life a lot easier by choosing one that offers the ability to create gift lists on their website. Then it’s simple to communicate your wish list to your guests, and keep tabs on who’s bought what.

Be sure to choose a website that’s easy to use for those who are less experienced in using the internet. And if you don’t want to know what’s been picked before you’ve tied the knot, you can hand over the reins to one of your friends – maybe one of your bridesmaids – once you’ve finished putting the list together.

Choose something for all budgets

Although some, perhaps many of your guests may be flush enough to buy you more expensive presents, this won’t be the case for everyone. For those who may be feeling the squeeze, pick a few things that you need, but don’t cost the earth.

Go large!

Make a large list, and don’t feel guilty or greedy for doing so! Having a wide and varied list is smart, especially if you have a lot of guests. Those who leave it later won’t be limited for choice after certain things get ticked off. Also, with a list with plenty of choices, you’ll still have the opportunity to be surprised, rather than knowing exactly what you’ll get.

Make the list well in advance

To give your guests plenty of time to think of what to buy, it’s a good idea to make your list available well in advance. Six months should give them enough breathing room, and lead to fewer last-minute panic decisions. It will also give you wiggle room to tweak and add extra things you want as they occur to you.

Send thank-you cards

Don’t forget to send thank-you notes or cards to your guests after the big day, to show that their gifts are truly appreciated.

Are you still looking for a dress?

Hopefully now you’ve got the perfect gift list… But are you still looking for the perfect dress? Book an appointment with us today – we’d love to help you find it!

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