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Choosing your make up artist

Having the perfect makeup for your wedding is almost always to the top of the list (under finding the perfect wedding dress of course). Flawless makeup will complement your dress, make the most of your natural beauty and contribute you with photos you’ll be proud.

Choosing your wedding makeup artist might at first seem like an easy task but finding ‘the one’ doesn’t just stop at the engagement ring. Organising your wedding day involves even more searching for that perfect person – except this time you can skip the awkward dates! The perfect hairstylist, solemniser, caterer and of course, makeup artist are all important factors when planning your big day. Luckily, while searching for ‘the one’ there’s a single simple mantra to follow, ‘budget, research, chat and book’. Follow these steps and you’ll soon find the perfect makeup artist for you. Here’s our tips on applying this mantra for choosing your wedding makeup artist.

Think about your budget

As with most wedding plans, your budget will have an effect on who you choose as your makeup artist. Some brides may even choose to do their own makeup to keep costs down, though this is a decision you might want to carefully consider. If you’re someone who’s likely to be impacted by wedding nerves or emotions, having a professional on hand could be invaluable. Not only that, but the cost of new makeup, time spent practicing and the general stress of having another thing to do may not actually be worth the savings. Instead, think about what you can afford and discuss prices with multiple professionals. Sitting with a glass of fizz, surrounded by your bridal party will be a far more enjoyable experience than attempting eyeliner with a jittery hand.

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Take a look through their social media feeds

Wedding research may seem like a time-consuming task but well researched weddings make happy brides! Protect yourself from any potential disasters by really looking into what makeup artists are available to you. Fortunately, this is a little easier for today’s brides to be. Many professional makeup artists will have their own social media channels full of reviews from former clients and photos of their work. Don’t feel too shy to reach out to previous clients on for extra security. Any new bride will understand the pressures of choosing ‘the one’.

 Someone you click with

Knowing someone has the talent and skills you require is one thing but being able to connect with them is another. Before you commit to your makeup artist set aside some time to call your shortlisted professionals to discuss how you envisage yourself looking and what their usual process is for the big day. You might want a makeup artist that is professional to a tee or perhaps you’re looking for someone to join in on the wedding celebrations and feel a part of your wedding party. The important part is making sure that your makeup artist is someone you’re confident in and who you can trust to help make your day just as you want it to be.

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Book early enough

It may sound obvious but booking your makeup artist well ahead of your big day is as important as booking your venue. Like the best venues, the best makeup artists, hair stylists and caterers will book up months – and even years – in advance. Once you’ve chosen ‘the one’ book them in immediately and try to get written confirmation either via email or through a contract. Having a clear agreement will avoid risks of double booking or getting the dates wrong. You could also choose to follow this up with a phone call a few months ahead of your booking to make sure that all is in order.

Do a trial run

The majority of professional makeup artists will offer you a ‘trial run’ included in your wedding package. Be sure to choose a date well ahead of your big day to give you plenty of time should you not like it. Prepare for your appointment with images of styles you like and even what you dislike so your makeup artist has a good idea of what you’re after. Make sure you speak up if you’re unhappy with your makeup artist’s work, they will want to make amendments to keep their clients happy. Test your make up around your house, outdoors and throughout the day at different times to check how long it lasts and how it looks in different light. If you find the makeup smudges a lot or doesn’t last discuss it with your makeup artist and see what can be done to help

Of course, the main thing you’ll want to feel on your wedding day is happy. Whether your make up is completely perfect or you face a makeup disaster, ultimately your big day is about you and your partner. If something goes wrong, grab your day-to-day make up bag and do your best.


If you still need to find your dream wedding dress – book an appointment today.  Our friendly team would love to help you find ‘the one’!


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