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5 ways to beat the after-wedding blues

Once you say ‘I do’ you may be quick to believe that the honeymoon phase will last for forever, but after-wedding blues are surprisingly common. When your guests have left, your wedding venue has been packed and your gifts have been opened, that feeling of ‘it’s all over’ can be a tough one to beat.

Wedding planning might have taken centre stage in your mind for months on end, so it can understandably feel like something is missing once all the dust has settled. In fact, research has shown that one in ten women experience depression in their first year of marriage and in particular can feel a sense of boredom once their wedding day has passed.

So while you plan for your big day, it may be worth planning for your life afterwards too. Here’s 5 ways you can plan to beat the after-wedding blues:

1. Have something else to look forward to

Having something to look forward to that will beat the excitement you experience for your wedding day is unlikely but making sure something else lined up afterwards is a good idea. A new project or a holiday to look forward to will occupy your mind and act as a great distraction from the after-wedding blues. Instead of planning your honeymoon directly after your big day, why not plan it for a later date? Or you could leave the honeymoon planning for after your wedding. The result, a whole new task to occupy your mind.

2. Set ‘no wedding talk’ days

Some weddings can require such great planning that it’s easy for most conversations to circulate around your big day. Consider setting days aside where you don’t talk about your wedding plans at all. Try to remind yourselves of the reasons you’re marrying one another in the first place and enjoy each others company for what it is.

3. Remember a wedding is the start of a marriage

When we put so much pressure on ourselves to plan and host the perfect wedding day it’s easy to forget the reason you’re getting married in the first place. Remember that your wedding day is the celebration of the start of your marriage and it is the rest of your lives together that you should be looking forward to. Ahead of your big day make sure you talk about life after your wedding, how you expect it to be and what you’ll do together. Make life after your wedding your goal rather than the wedding itself.

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4. Take up a hobby

Ever wanted to pick up a new language? Learn a new instrument? Maybe you’ve always fancied yourself as an artist? Well, with your newly acquired extra time now is your chance to do it. Setting yourself a new hobby or activity is a perfectly positive way to occupy your mind post-wedding and keep those blues at bay.

5. Talk to each other

Finally, the most powerful way to beat after-wedding blues is often the most obvious. By talking to one another about how you’re feeling you’ll be able to offer each other advice and support. You might feel embarrassed or ashamed that you’re feeling this way when you’re supposed to be enjoying your honeymoon period but if anyone can understand how you’re feeling it will be your spouse. If things do get tough, make sure you lean on each other and be sympathetic to what you might be going through.



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